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Dogs in Calgary

Calgary is approaching the 1.15 million population mark.  This is a thriving city with so many opportunities for employment or to start a business.

In fact, it has the second largest number of head offices in Canada!

Visit Calgary at a Glance for more information on Calgary and its communities.

There are also 122,000 dogs living among us!

Why does this city have so many of our furry friends? It could be that there are over 130 off leash areas, which is the largest amount of canine space in North America.

A writer recently visited the city from the UK to learn about our beautiful off leash areas and how the city manages them. 

In the Off Leash Areas section you will discover information about many of the parks and beautiful photos as well.

Man's Best Friend

As I’m sure you’ve heard many times, “dogs really are man’s best friend”! They can work for us, be our companion, or a family pet. 

Whatever their role in our lives, it is clear that we need them almost as much as they need us. 

The bond that is formed between them and their human family is unbreakable.  Simply because you love your pet, this site helps you take care of them on many levels. 

It is always a good idea to take the time to determine which breed is best for your family.  

This depends on factors such as where you live, what type of dwelling you live in, how much time and space you have to exercise your pet.  

All these factors and more need to be considered before making your choice!

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It is our hope that you enjoy this site and visit it often. Take time to look at the images and the breed information.

Take a look at our listing of professional available to help you with your pet. This may help you and your family decide on the best pet for you!

Look at the off leash parks. The images speak for themselves. So much space for you and your pet to get outside and truly enjoy what this city has to offer.

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